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Provider of comprehensive maintenance services in the Middle East pipeline

team company Company teams with the goal of providing comprehensive services and operations related to oil pipelines and petroleum products, gas, water and sewage including contracting and business in the construction, maintenance, operation, application change, improvement and control and engineering consulting inspection of pipelines and transmission facilities and distribution networks and complex refinery and petrochemical installations inside and outside the country was founded.
Besides the above mentioned services, companies can team to provide tools, products, equipment and facilities as well as enjoy related activities are relevant.

Latest Project

  • Designing and executing test site hydrostatics pods of pipeline leaks in pressure classes 400 and 600 and 900.1500.

  • Elimination of leakage from the tank 9401-TK body length of Amir Kabir Petrochemical cm40 reserved.

  • Elimination of leakage of high pressure even three Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company.

  • Team Projects

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