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compand WrappingSystems ‘Pipe Repair Tape’ is a high performance rapid curing moisture activated repair bandage, specifically developed for the repair of leaking pipes, which is activated by immersion in water.
WrappingSystems ‘Pipe Repair Tape’ is ideal for pipe repairs to low pressure systems. As a general guide, a repair built up to a thickness of approximately 12mm (½”) will withstand a maximum service pressure of 10 bar (150 psi). Higher pressures, up to 50 bar, can be achieved by first applying a ‘plug’ of PUTTY as described herein, always at users discretion.
Pipes up to a nominal diameter of 400mm may be repaired using WrappingSystems ‘Pipe Repair Tape’ (please ensure the correct size bandage is used relevant to the pipe dimension.) with holes approximately 3mm to 6mm diameter.
  • All pressure within the pipe should be released. For leaks where pressure cannot be removed, holes should be stopped using a pipe repair clamp.
  • Remove all oil, grease, loose rust scale, sealant tape and paint from the repair area. Rough score a 10 cm (4 inch) patch around the pipe centering on the leak site.
  • If the pipe surface is pitted by rust, surfaces must be wire brushed to remove the loose scale. If the surface is smooth, as with copper or stainless steel, surfaces should be roughened with a coarse file, rasp or saw blade.
  • For plastic pipe, the external mould release must be removed. Abrade surfaces with a coarse grit sandpaper. A saw blade may also be used to create a cross hatch pattern. This is particularly useful on polypropylene and PVDF piping.
  • During mixing and during application, lightweight disposable gloves should be worn to protect the hands.
  • WrappingSystems ‘ Pipe Repair Tape’ is a single component material which should be immersed in water and squeezed two or three times for about 5 seconds prior to use. Remove roll from water and wrap quickly and tightly as follows.
  • Centre tape over leak site, wrap from bottom of roll, pulling firmly throughout application. After 5-7 plies, resin foam will come through the tape, which is desirable and aided by pulling tightly. Continue until entire roll is applied, building to a minimum thickness of ½ inch (12 mm), use a second roll if necessary. Firmly press and smooth end of roll into wrap in the direction of application. Wet gloves in water, smooth and firmly press the wet resin back into the wrap.
  • When used in conjunction with a plug of Unique Polymer Systems ‘Plastic Steel’ repeat the above instructions but having first plugged the hole. Knead a small bead of putty in gloved hand and flatten into a disc centrally over the hole pressing gently and feathering out the edges. Leave to semi-harden (full cure 30 minutes) before applying tape, although tape may be applied immediately if necessary.
  • Continue rapid hand movement pressing and polishing resin in motions around and parallel to the pipe. Continue process until resins are no longer tacky. The repair should now have a smooth, hard surface and an enamel-like appearance with no fabric protruding through the surface.

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