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Pig Signaler

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pig_signaler Product Description:
Team Process Equipment provides pig signals / indicators for pipeline industry for the extreme conditions . Team pig indicator is a device that is used on a pipeline to show an indication to operator during the pipeline pigging. Team Pig Indicator is a economical solution that can be applied all kind of pigging systems.

Product Benefits:
Easy to use and install, can be applied all kind of pigging systems. You do not need a special tool or experience to install the pig indicator. Team pig indicator is made of corrosion resistant materials with long life duration.

Key Features:
Special materials and O-Ring seals are available on request.
All pig indicators are specially painted.
Pig indicators can be hydrostatically tested on request.
Team offers spare parts for all of its products during maintenance.
Internal inspection and test certificates will be provided for each item.

Product Group

Equipment's Pigging

The brand product

Signaler Pig

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