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Bolt tightening

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Bolt tightening This tightening service provides a simple and safe method for ensuring controlled tightening and loosening of bolts. A wide range of light, compact, safe and easy-to-use hydraulic torque tools are available; and’ wrenches are able to accommodate a torque load of 80,000 ft-lbs. (108,465Nm)

Bolt Tensioning’ Bolt Tensioning service is an accurate method of tightening threaded fasteners and subsequently inducing load through advanced hydraulic technology – all without directly turning the nut thereby avoiding frictional losses. Bolt Tensioning insures that gaskets are compressed as required by the manufacturer in order to achieve optimum joint integrity.

Joint Splitting
Joints, heat exchangers and reactors can be difficult to separate after years of operation at high temperatures. hydro-mechanical rigs are available specifically for this purpose. After removal, reconditioning and replacement, the joint is resealed and hydraulic tensioning and torquing is applied to offer a measured, uniform and engineered assembly.

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