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Chemical Cleaning

chemical cleaning , by definition , means the use of liquid cleaners mixed in a diluent ( water , diesel , methanol , ISO-propel-alcohol and alike ) to form a cleaning solution that can be pushed through a pipeline by pigs. advanced chemical cleaning in conjunction with specially engineered pigs removes a greater volume of debris in fewer runs.
if there's a cleaning requirement in your plant, chemical cleaning is the up-to-the-minute , cost reducing answer.
chemicals ( and these include a wide variety of acids , alkalies and solvents ) have the ability to remove all traces of dirt and impurities from pipelines, boiler tubes , heat exchanger, copper tubes in condensers , cooling towers , chillers and evaporators. in fact anywhere that 'build-up' , including rust , oil , grease or algae , occurs.

the advantages:
  • cost reduction
  • more reliable integrity checks
  • increased operating capacity
  • improved condition of your pipeline network

there are various manufacturers of cleaners . however , a careful choice of pipeline cleaners should be based open the following characteristics:
  • a neutral pH
  •  deposit permeating and penetrating capabilities
  • original design parameters of the cleaner
  • health & safety awareness
  • case histories
pipeline cleaners that dissolve solids could form harmful gases and be detrimental to pipe-wall metals. most gel types are carriers only and rely on mechanical pigs to disassociate solids from the pipe walls.

team advanced chemical cleaning agents provide a more effective and environmentally friendly solution than most current chemical cleaners. team products have no effect on any metallurgy. caustic flushing is not required thanks to its neutral pH.

chemical cleaning is a cost-effective and extremely efficient way to remove residues and deposits such as oils/greases , corrosion and other surface contaminants.

team has:
  • a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning equipment
  • qualified and trained operators
  • the most effective premixed chemical formulations for fast results. the chemical we utilize are biodegradable formulations that have no known carcinogens. environmentally friendly with no tisks to our personnel or our valued clients.
our chemical cleaning services provide:
  • improved effectiveness for all cleaning projects
  • applicability ti a wide array of industrial settings

team services is equipped with portable propane boilers and diesel heat exchangers that are used to improve the effectiveness of any cleaning project . in some cases waste generated during the cleaning process can be filtered on-site to meet client, local and/or state treatment regulations.

our cleaning services are routinely applied in the following situations:
  • drag lines , cranes , heavy equipment , etc.
  • DE-fouling
  • removal of mold / mildew
  • process piping and systems rail car cleaning
  • surface preparation
  • degrease of industrial equipment and vehicles
  • tanks
  • removal of iron fouling
  • new power plant installation per-cleaning
  • fuel containment areas

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