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Cold Box , LNG Tank Repair services

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cold-box Perlite Removal and installation – COLD BOX SERVICE
What is Perlite?
Perlite is made by crushing a volcanic rock into tiny particles. Thses particles are then passed through a furnace at nearly 1000 degrees C, to cause the water vapour trapped inside to “explode” so that each particle expands, forming an extremely light powder.
Perlite is used in the oil and gas industry as an extremely efficient insulation material. This is used to insulate Cold boxes on refineries, chemical plants and power stations.
Larger quantities are used to insulate cryogenic bulk storage tanks for such as LNG or liquid Nitrogen.
Those companies that have tried to remove the perlite from cold boxes using their own personnel, know from experience that due to the very light nature of the product, it can be a very messy process, resulting in large quantities of perlite being blown by the wind, and spread over large areas. This results in high levels of wastage, and can also lead to serious contamination of mechanical equipment.
This process can tie up a team of men for weeks to empty a cold box for maintenance and the same for the refilling.
cold-box we can empty a cold box in less than one week, including vacuum cleaning of the inside to a standard that enables all mechanical work to be carried out without the risk of contamination. We also ensure that there is no stray perlite blown around site.
Similarly, can re-fill a cold box in less than a week.
Imagine the Savings
What daily costs are incurred by having a cold box out of service? If there is the opportunity to reduce the down-time by two weeks, then this will enable an extra two weeks of production. These savings are guaranteed.

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