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Project of team co. (finished and processing)

Team Co. executes variety of activities in petrochemical, gas & oil industrials. This company has obtainad. Vast majority of experiments via representing special qualitied serxices which are proportionate to the needs of industrials. These experiments include:
  1. Repair coating ( shahrood – mashhad)
  2. Leak repairing ( The body of tank – Amirkabir petrochemical )
  3. Leak repairing ( valve – Amirkabir petrochemical)
  4. Leak repairing (Flanch - Amirkabir petrochemical)
  5. Precommissioning (transferring of MEG)
  6. Pigging (Metanol)
  7. Pigging ( Ammonia)
  8. Supplying of clamps repair ring to execute the process of leak repairing of warm up (amirkabir petrochemical)
  9. Hydrostatic test ( arsanjan to kerman)
  10. Leak Repair of steam joint
  11. Leak repairing of valve & joint
  12. Pigging (transferring of liquid ethylene – Maroon petrochemical to karoon Petrochemical)
  13. Pigging ( transferring of ammonia – Razi petrochemical to karoon petrochemical)
  14. Pigging of pipelines & representing programs of repairing & maintenance & visiting the pipelines with the function of transferring acetone & epychlorine & co-operating in transferring the product. ( khouzestan petrochemical)
  15. Butadian ( Amirkabir Petrochemical)
  16. Pigging of MEG pipeline ( Maroon Pet)
  17. Pigging before precommissioning pipelines whith the function of transferring metanole( zagross Petrochemical)
  18. Intelligent pigging ( Nafta pipeline)
  19. Pipe freezing (Ab niroo Pet.)

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