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Heat Exchanger

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U-bend tubes expanded into tubesheet allow for tube expansions and contractions due to thermal fluctuations
High quality compressed fibres (reusable)
Standard cast-iron or steel head for heavy duty services (also available as a spare part)
Saddles attached with standard units for quick & easy mounting
Punched baffles with minimum clearances between tubes assures correct fluid flow and minimized bypass.
Welded shell protected with high quality paint for corrosion resistance
Stainless steel tubes allow for strong, durable performance over a wide range of applications. Unique tube bundle layout minimizes buildup problems at the edges and optimizes media flow in the unit
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Service and Repair
  • Stage 1

  • Heat exchangers are received, checkedin and referenced to customers'specifications.
    Stage 1 Goods Received
  • Stage 2

  • The exchangers are carefully cleaned to remove all contaminants.
    Stage 2 Cleaning
  • Stage 3

  • All units are individually hydro-tested and inspected. Inspection surfaces are made to determine if any corrosive attack has occurred.
    Stage 3 Inspection
  • Stage 4

  • All required repairs are made in strict accordance with applicable code requirements. Exchangers receive surface preparations in accordance with customer specifications.
    Stage 4 Service Repair
  • Stage 5

  • After final inspection, the reconditioned exchanger is promptly dispatched to the customer.

Terms of service delivery - providing conducive groups

Team Centers offer high quality heat exchanger service and repair. Regasketing and repair of plate heat exchangers and shell and tube exchangers of any make is our specialty.
Experienced PRO technicians are equipped with the latest technology and training. They rovide full factory engineering support for failure analysis, material upgrade and performance enhancements.
Team Centers provide a thorough inspection and "as found" report. Also, the complete scope of repair work required will be submitted with a firm price. We're capable of handling all critical work such as non-destructive testing, welding, regasketing and machining.
Plate packs are received and undergo a stringent checking-in procedure, ensuring each pack is complete and cross references to customers'specifications.
The old gaskets are carefully removed and the plates are then subjected to a thorough high pressure washing and chemical cleaning operation to remove all traces of gasket and contaminants.
Stage 2 Plate Cleaning
Prior to regasketing, each plate must pass a three stage inspection encompassing visual corrosion, channel deformation, and a dye penetrant check to highlight the minute pinholes and cracks that can result from excessively corrosive applications.
Stage 1 Goods Received
On completion of regasketing, the plate pack is jig clamped to ensure correct alignment, and is then placed in the oven at the appropriate Temperature to ensure full curing of the adhesive.
Stage 5 Oven Curing
Date-stamped gaskets are selected from our extensive stock and bonded to the plates. Our experienced team uses strong adhesives including heatcured cement designed for strength.
Quality gasket selection ensures performance.
Stage 4 Regasketing
After final inspection, the reconditioned plates are ready to be promptly dispatched to the customer.
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