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Pipe Freezing

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  The non-intrusive way to create a temporary isolation, with no residual consequences.
What is pipe freezing?
By utilizing liquid Nitrogen we are able to create an isolation, by causing the product within the pipe to solidify, until a solid plug fills the bore of the pipe.

Why use pipe freezing?
This enables critical work to be carried out on a pipework system without having to drain down large quantities of product. Upon completion, the plug is allowed to thaw and the pipe system returns to its original condition. No extra tees or valves added to the system, compared to line stopping.

Does it damage the pipe?
Pipe freezing has been around for decades, and if carried out correctly there is no permanent effect on the pipe material. Once it returns to ambient temperature it regains all of its original physical properties.

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  What about pressure?
Due to the plug forming as a growth on the inner walls of the pipe, it does not rely on friction to stay in place. As long as the product stays below its freezing temperature, the plug remains physically attaches to the pipe wall. All plugs can withstand more than the test pressure of the pipework system. In fact an ice plug could withstand in excess of 1000 psi if required.

How long will it last?
Once the plug is established, the temperature is monitored to ensure that the wall temperature stays well below the product freezing temperature. This is done by occasionally adding extra liquid Nitrogen to the freeze jacket, to reduce the temperature. As long as there is liquid Nitrogen available to be added as required, and as long as the wall temperature is monitored, the freeze can be maintained indefinitely.

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  Is it safe?
The service is carried out by engineers with years of experience, gained in a wide range of industries. We understand pipework systems, and we understand the science behind the process of freezing liquids. Practical experience is vital, but scientific understanding is essential, especially when dealing with products other than general water based products.

What products can be frozen?
All water based products, including sea water, glycol (anti-freeze), various brines, acids, sewage, some hydrocarbons, solvents. Basically, any liquid which solidifies at a temperature above -196 degrees C.

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